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Targeted people and problems to analied

We will target community mothers, girls, elderly and others.
This project will focus more on young mothers between 14-19 years old. These have dropped out of school because they became mothers along the way and are either rejected by their parents and spouses. Some are young positives who contracted HIV and are living in self-denial and stigma. Statistics show that adolescents especially females drop out of school at tender ages despite free Universal Primary Education Programme and the school dropout rate is 20% for boys and 45% for girls (DEO, 2005). A review of HMIS records in Jinja District indicates that adolescents as young as 14 years are already pregnant while 10% and 24% of the pregnant adolescents are already pregnant adolescents are already married by 14 and 15 years respectively (DDHS: 2005).

  1. Children
  2. Adults
  3. disabled
  4. Pregnant Mothers